Lifetime Care Program

As part of the initial planning, the family of a person with a disability identifies an asset that will be used to subsidize the services provided in the individual's future care plan. This asset can result from a properly executed life insurance program, a carefully created private trust document or participation in the Life Services Third Party-Funded Trust for People with Disabilities, commonly known as a "Pooled Special Needs Trust."

Once an asset is established, Life Services sees to it that appropriate care is provided to the person with a disability for the remainder of his or her life. These private assets supplement resources from public and non-profit organizations.

The implementation of the lifetime care plan begins upon the death or incapacity of the parents or other primary caregivers. At their request, the plan may be initiated at any time during their lifetime.

Program Objectives

  1. To maintain the highest quality of life for each disabled member through the full utilization of private and government programs and parent-funded supplemental services.
  2. To ensure that each disabled member pursues activities and associations that prevent isolation and loneliness.
  3. To preserve the full integrity of funds left by the family, so that they may be used to enrich the life of the person with a disability, without jeopardizing public entitlements.
  4. To provide families with peace of mind related to the future care of their disabled loved ones.

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