The Personal Advocate

Each member family is assigned a well-trained and carefully matched Personal Advocate. This person becomes a good friend to the individual with the disability and his (or her) family. He, or she, is usually a local individual who assists in all matters pertaining to the planning process and, customarily, continues as the family advocate after the planning period (completion of the Planning Journal).

The Personal Advocate is "matched" to the person with a disability and family. The selected individual must be familiar with the individual's disability; work well with persons with disabilities and their families; live near the person with a disability; provide a home phone number for emergency situations; know how to navigate social service systems; and, be compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable.

The person with a disability and family help in the selection of an Advocate (where appropriate) and approve the choice.

The dictionary definition of an advocate: One who pleads another's cause.

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